Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips & Strategies

Across North America, there is nowhere else that allows deer hunters to apply the number of deer hunting techniques that Ontario does. The expansive forest is very diverse, containing thick pine swamps where calling deer can be effective. Endless beaver ponds create natural openings in the woods where deer will come to feed and drink.  Large areas that have been logged create great feeding opportunities for whitetail deer and open views for hunters that prefer to sit and glass.  With thousands of lakes in the region, deer inhabit many of the islands, offering unique opportunities for hunters that like to participate in deer drives.

Deer stands

Most Ontario guides and outfitters are likely to set hunters up in well-placed tree stands, especially during the rut period during the first two weeks of November.  This is a proven tactic for taking big bucks.  

Deer drives

Ontario permits the use of licensed dogs to drive deer and some outfitters will take this approach on many of the large islands on area lakes.  
Still hunting
For those that don't have the patience to sit, yet are not looking for the group hunting involved in doing drives, still hunting on the many open ridges across the region has proven effective over the years. Your guide will be able to put you on to these types of places.

Trail Cams 

Today, most of the best outfitters are using motion-activated trail cameras to monitor hunting areas so many times they can show you pictures of the deer that are using the area you are hunting.  Hunters should feel free to use trail cameras in Ontario.  You will surely capture plenty of deer on your camera, as well as other wildlife like bears, wolves or one of the many smaller fur-bearing critters that inhabit the woods. 

Suggested deer hunting gear

Another item that hunters will want to consider if they make the trek to hunt in Ontario is a hand-held GPS, especially if they intend to do any walking.  These are big woods and in some cases the nearest road may be many miles away so a GPS is important, especially on days when it's cloudy.  Getting lost is a reality.

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