Waterfowl Hunting Tips & Strategies

Successful waterfowl hunting in Sunset Country is all about finding water.  While most beaver ponds have plenty of good stuff available for ducks to eat, on the larger bodies of water it's all about finding wild rice.  Ducks and geese both like this stuff and it is plentiful throughout the region, especially on years when the water is not exceptionally high.  Rice and other aquatic vegetation that waterfowl species in the region prefer grows much better in years with low water, kinda going against the old phrase “ducks like rain”.  

Bad weather; good duck hunting
When it comes to actually getting out and hunting, rain is not necessarily a bad thing.  Nasty weather usually means ducks will be in the air flying a lot more than they do on nice weather days, making for better hunting.  

Decoys and Duck Calls
Most outfitters will set you up over a decoy spread in an effort to draw birds in that want to join the group. Calling with the assistance of decoys remains the top tactic for getting a lot of shooting in.  

Variety of waterfowl species
Though there is a wide range of species that you will see in Sunset Country, the most common birds include mallards, blue bills, wood ducks, teal, ring necks and of course Canada geese, with the shot at snow geese on some days.  Where else can you chase all of these species and not hear another shot fired all day? 

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