Moose Hunting Tips & Strategies

Across much of the unpopulated eastern and northern sections of Sunset Country, where healthy populations of moose exist, the forestry industry has cleared large sections of woods, creating the ideal moose habitat. The young trees and saplings, that quickly pop up after these areas are cut, are like candy to moose, making them prime feeding grounds as well as excellent moose hunting locations. These cut-over areas are a focus for many hunters who can employ a variety of moose hunting strategies, such as:

Moose calls
During the September rut-period, hunters looking for bulls will have success calling. Guides will put you in areas that are loaded with sign and call using both bull and cow calls in an attempt to call a bull into bow range. Moose are relatively easy to call in during this period, the key is to control your scent because moose have a better nose than a deer.  Many hunters will have moose approach their calls, yet hold up out of range because they catch wind of the hunter. Scent control is vital to success.

Hire a great moose hunting guide
Your guide will take you into proven locations for calling, most likely in cut-over areas, the edges of swamps or along one of the many small rivers in the region. As the season progresses moose shift their desire from breeding to eating.  It's all about covering ground until fresh sign is found to indicate that moose are present in the area.  Guides will find fresh sign by checking mud and sand along the lake or river shoreline for tracks, or trails along the many logging roads.  The thing about moose is that they are so big, so it's tough for them to hide their sign.  If they are close by, you will likely know it.  

Moose hunting rifles
Moose hunters making the trek during rifle season should come equipped with large caliber rifles.  Most guides prefer .300 or 7 mm. magnums or one of the trendy new short magnum calibers.  

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