Black Bear Hunting Tips & Strategies

Black bear baiting
The top hunting style of most outfitters, in the Sunset Country region, is to put their hunters in stands overlooking active bait sites. Outfitters bait with a wide array of items that usually include a variety of oats and grains or discarded pastry items. Bears love sweets, so it's not uncommon for the guides to incorporate those into the baits as well. Though bear baiting isn't exactly rocket science, many  outfitters in the region even bait with their own secret concoctions that have proven successful in the past.

Black bear hunt times
Since most bear activity is during the low-light periods, guides will usually put hunters in the stands mid-afternoon, prior to the evening period, when bears are most likely to appear.  Most times, hunters will see the most bears during the final hour of the day.

Black bear stalk hunts
Depending on the type of hunt you prefer, outfitters can put you on stand all day or take you to one of the many cut-over areas in the region where spot-and-stalk hunts can take place. However, the odds of connecting with a trophy bear are lower doing this than hunting over an active bait.

Rely on your bear hunt guide
Your guide will play an important role in the success of your hunt. In fact, the reality is that they probably want you to get a trophy bear more than you do! Let them tell you what they think is the best option for you during your hunt, and they'll likely put you on the bear of a lifetime!

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