Waterfowl hunting in Ontario's Sunset Country

2010-2011 Ontario Moose Hunting Regulations:
There is never a dull moment for hunters in Sunset Country once September rolls around.  Waterfowl hunters can really get excited because the Canada goose season opens September 1, followed by the duck season on the second Saturday in September. Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) provides a Hunting Seasons and Regulations guide to both Ontario resident hunters and non-resident hunters each year. The Ontario Deer Hunting Regulation section can be viewed here.

Waterfowl in Ontario
The Sunset Country region is an annual stop-over area for many ducks and geese that are traveling south from Canada's far north. They make a pit stop in Sunset Country and  can be found around small beaver ponds or on one of over 70,000 lakes in the region.  A much different setting than the traditional field hunting options available elsewhere.  Finding a place or a lot of places to hunt is not a problem and more than likely you will not see another waterfowl hunter during your stay. Much like jurisdictions elsewhere, lead shot may not be used for waterfowl hunting. Though Sunset Country may not have the highest population of birds in Canada, the region offers a unique opportunity because hunters can pursue waterfowl species in the rugged Canadian shield terrain.

Waterfowl hunting strategies in Sunset Country

Successful waterfowl hunting in Sunset Country is all about finding water.  While most beaver ponds have plenty of good stuff available for ducks to eat, on the larger bodies of water it's all about finding wild rice.  Ducks and geese both like this stuff and it is plentiful throughout the region, especially on years when the water is not exceptionally high.  Once you find the water you can employ a variety of hunting strategies, such as:

Waterfowl hunting outfitters in Ontario
Across the region, many of the lodges and resorts stay open during the fall hunting season and many of these places offer hunters the opportunity to hunt our many waterfowl species.  The unique thing about traveling to this region, if you have never done it, is the endless activities available for outdoor enthusiasts to partake in. Many outfitters and resorts in the region offer waterfowl hunts in a combination with fall fishing trips or trips that involve hunting other species. How can you beat a day of catching walleyes, pike, crappies, lake trout, musky or bass and then spending the last couple hours before sunset sitting behind a beaver lodge calling ducks and geese. In fact, most waterfowl hunters that visit the region combine their hunt with another activity. Check our list of waterfowl outfitters to find the one that will meet your needs.

Lodges/Outfitters That Offer Waterfowl Hunts

Crawford's Camp

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Sioux Narrows, Ontario

Lake Despair Lodge

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Devlin, Ontario

Kenora Air

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Kenora, Ontario

Darren & Merri's Cedar Lake Camp

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Perrault Falls, Ontario

Clark’s Northern Lights Resort

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Vermillion Bay, Ontario

Sandy Beach Lodge

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Red Lake, Ontario

Cozy Camp

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Ignace, Ontario

Andy Myer’s Lodge

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Vermillion Bay, Ontario

Goose Bay Camp

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Ear Falls, Ontario