Moose hunting in Ontario's Sunset County, Canada

2010-2011 Ontario Moose Hunting Regulations:
Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) provides a Hunting Seasons and Regulations guide to both Ontario resident hunters and non-resident hunters each year. The Ontario Moose Hunting Regulation section can be viewed here.

Moose in Ontario
The largest member of the deer family, moose exist in healthy populations across much of Sunset Country.  Though their numbers are generally low in the southwestern part of the region where whitetail deer numbers are high, in the east and northern sections, moose hunting opportunities are exceptional

Moose size: between 6 ½-7 ½ feet (over 2 metres) at the shoulders.
Bull size: over 550 kg (1200 lbs)
Cow size: over 400 kg (900 lbs)

Antler size: averages 160cm across and 20kg in weight.Moose in Ontario grow large in size with most adult bulls weighing in the neighbourhood of 1200 pounds and even more for large trophies.  Rack sizes can attain trophy size as well, with 50” wide bulls common.  Bulls larger than 60” are taken every year in Ontario. There is probably no greater rush that a hunter can experience than coming face to face with a monster bull moose.  

Moose Hunting strategies in Northwestern Ontario
Across much of the unpopulated eastern and northern sections of Sunset Country, where healthy populations of moose exist, the forestry industry has cleared large sections of woods, creating the ideal moose habitat. The young trees and saplings, that quickly pop up after these areas are cut, are like candy to moose, making them prime feeding grounds as well as excellent moose hunting locations. These cut-over areas are a focus for many hunters who can employ a variety of moose hunting strategies, such as: 

  • Moose calls
  • Using appropriate moose hunting rifles
  • Hiring a moose hunting guide

Ontario moose hunting outfitters
It is mandatory for non-resident hunters in Ontario to hunt with a guide or outfitter who provides the moose tag. Hunters will need to book their trips with one of the many resorts in the region. Tags are given out on a limited basis so it's important that you plan these hunts well in advance to make sure that a tags are available to you and your group. One of the best things about moose hunting in Northwestern Ontario is that you are able to access some of the finest hunting in the World with relative ease. And for those who have never eaten moose meat before, you will pleasantly surprised at how good it is! Browse the Sunset Country moose hunting outfitters to book your next moose hunting adventure!  

Lodges/Outfitters That Offer Moose Hunts

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Booi's Fly-In Lodge & Outposts

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