Black Bear

Black bear hunting in Ontario's Sunset Country, Canada

2010-2011 Ontario Deer Hunting Regulations:
Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) provides a Hunting Seasons and Regulations guide to both Ontario resident hunters and non-resident hunters each year. The Ontario black bear Hunting Regulation section can be viewed here.

Black bears in Ontario
The bear population in the province of Ontario is estimated at around 100,000 animals, and in the Sunset Country region, you will find some of the highest bear densities in Canada. Ontario manages the bear population carefully to ensure that there will be good bear hunting opportunities now and in the future. The disbandment of the spring bear hunt in Ontario, several years ago, has lead to an increase in bear numbers, so the late summer and fall hunting season is top-notch.  

Male black bear size: Generally ranges from 125lbs to over 600lbs.
Female black bear size:
Generally ranges from 90lbs to over 300lbs.

Black bears grow as large in Ontario as they do anywhere, and each year trophy boars in the 600 pound plus range are hunted with rifles, muzzle-loaders and archery equipment. There is also a great opportunity for hunters to take colour-phase bears in brown or cinnamon colours. Hunter success rates across the region consistently land in the 80% plus range, so why would you hunt black bears anywhere else?  

Bear hunting strategies in Ontario, Canada
Since most bear activity is during the low-light periods, guides will usually put hunters in the stands mid-afternoon, prior to the evening period, when bears are most likely to appear. The top hunting style of most outfitters, in the Sunset Country region, is to put their hunters in stands overlooking active bait sites. However, many Sunset Country bear hunting outfitters offer alternative bear hunting strategies, such as:

  • Bear baiting
  • Black bear stalk hunts
  • Great bear hunting guides

Experienced Ontario black bear hunting outfitters will look after you
In Ontario, non-residents must hunt black bears with an outfitter who will provide the tag. Fortunately, in Sunset Country there is no shortage of resorts, lodges and camps with guides that will take good care of you and turn your dream bear hunt into a reality. Hunters can also take in some of the other great activities that outfitters in the region offer, like fishing for walleye, pike, bass, lake trout or muskies that are plentiful in Sunset Country waters. Or they may be taken on a grouse hunt, a popular choice among many bear hunters. Regardless of how you prefer your stay, the variety of outfitters in Ontario's Sunset Country can meet your needs and provide you with the trip of your dreams. And the fantastic black bear population in Ontario will not disappoint! Browse Sunset Country's bear hunting outfitters and plan your next trip.

Lodges/Outfitters That Offer Bear Hunts

Rocky Shore Lodge

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Perrault Falls, Ontario

Kelly’s Castaway Lodge

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Nestor Falls, Ontario

North Country Lodge

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Vermillion Bay, Ontario

Silver Water Wheel Lodge

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Dryden, Ontario

Golden Hook Camp

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Red Lake, Ontario

Peffley’s Canadian Wilderness Camp

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Perrault Falls, Ontario

Woman River Camp

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Ear Falls, Ontario

Anderson’s Lodge

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Sioux Lookout, Ontario

MacKenzie Lodge

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Kenora, Ontario