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Looking for non-res bull tags for wmu 5..

Bow tags for bulls anyone?
Wmu 4 or 5
LUP as well is at all possible.
E-mail if you can help me out

Welcome to Hunting in Ontario's Sunset Country

Hi to all hunters in the USA, Canada and overseas and welcome to our new website promoting big game hunting in Ontario's Sunset Country. We are very excited about the new website but the key to making it work is for you the hunters out there to get involved in our on-line community.

My First Timberwolf

I finally got to redeem myself from my clean miss a couple of weeks ago. If there is one thing that bugs me more than anything it is missing. I reload the most accurate ammo I can and constantly test and verify accuracy. So when I missed a coyote it really bugged me. So I went out for a hunt the other evening and was I happy I did. I saw a a silouhette across the field on the edge of a frozen braver pond. When I looked through my scope I realized that there was two timberwolves standing there. One of the wolves was on to me and immediately ran away.

A clean miss

I went out on Saturday evening for a quick wolf hunt. I saw a coyote and got off a quick shot. I aimed near the top of its back and missed. Turns out the range was about 175 yards. The way I have my gun sighted in I would have shot over its back. Oh well. Maybe next time. Hopefully time for the rangefinder next time

Check me out on Twitter

If you want to see what I am doing regarding shooting, reloading, and hunting you can follow me on Twitter @rodunderthegun. I only post about those topics there.

About me

I enjoy hunting, shooting, and reloading. I have 2 chunks of land that I have started to manage for trophy deer. This year we shot a 125" 8 pointer off of one, and a 145" 10 pointer off of the other. I target shoot and reload all year and I am very obsessed with accuracy. Right now my 2 favorite guns are a Savage M10le in 308win, and a Tikka T3 Lite in 30/06. Both are extremely accurate. I am starting to get into wolf hunting as I can't stand not having anything to shoot all winter. So far this year just a mangy coyote I shot with my Tikka at 285yds.

First time hunting

I have older brothers who liked to hunt, so naturally I followed suit. Partridge was the hunting choice. At 12 I used a gun. At 50 plus I use a Nikon. The Nikon creates less fuss, but the results don't taste as good.

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