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Choose Ontario's Sunset Country for the hunting trip of a lifetime!

There are few places in North America that offer the diverse hunting options that Sunset Country does.  World class opportunities exist to hunt for:

Hunters can book a trip with one of Northwestern Ontario's many experienced hunting outfitters, enjoy Ontario's hunting season, and experience the hunting experience of a lifetime.


The purpose and goal of this website is to connect hunters, from around the world, with the best hunting outfitters in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country region. Beyond that, hunters are encouraged to create profiles in order to share their hunting stories, post photos of their hunting trips, and connect and interact with other hunting enthusiasts. Maps, information pages, and hunting regulation pages are also available to provide visitors with just about any information they seek, regarding hunting in Ontario's Sunset Country.

Where is Sunset Country?

Sunset Country stretches from the western border of Manitoba, east to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and from the Minnesota borders, North to Hudson Bay. Sunset Country is a truly extensive area that encompasses approximately 60,000 square miles of land and features 70,000 plus lakes and rivers. With many areas that remain relatively untouched, most of the game that you hunt will likely never have seen a human before.  The accommodations across the region vary as much as the hunting opportunities – there are drive-in, boat-in and fly-in resorts, lodges and outpost cabins.  View our list of Sunset Country hunting outfitters to find the establishment that best meets your needs. Browse Sunset Country Outfitters

Why should you create a member profile?

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Sunset Country Hunting Outfitters

Lodges and outfitters also have profiles on the site that provide members with information to review and to take into consideration when planning their next hunting trip to Sunset Country. Since hunting outfitters in Ontario offer various and different amenities and services to their guests, members have access to that information here. And, if members have specific questions for an outfitter they can feel free to ask away! Browse Sunset Country Outfitters